• Change your mindset. Change your life. 楽に生きるために(英日 2か国語サイト)


(90)Time is Life 「時は命」なり

Today I talked to a girl student, who looked exhausted and drowsy. 《本日、疲れて眠そうにしている生徒と話しました。》 She has a good pe ...


(87)Focus Your Mind On ‘The Cosmic Energy’ 「宇宙のエネルギー」に意識の焦点を当てる

The other day while I was talking to one of my clients, a vision of ‘being in the space’ came acro ...


(85)Using The Power Of Japanese Properly Empowers Us 日本語を正しく使うことが力を与える

The Japanese language is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world. I am a native speaker of J ...


(82)Reenergize My Life 再出発

I feel bad about not having posted articles every day in this school year. Having been lacking in my energy in ...