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(83)Talking To Animals And Plants Is The Threshold To TrueSelf 動物や植物と話すことが「本当の自分」への扉

I had hated dogs till I was in my 30s, as my mother had a terrible memory of being bitten by a dog when young. My wife loved dogs and asked for me to get a dog so long. However, I was not ready for that.


When I suffered from mental troubles, she also had difficulties keeping her mental sanity. She decided to keep a dog, which became our first dog named Hinata. I became gradually accustomed to having a dog in my house, ending up in a great partnership with him. I even felt I couldn’t live a day without him. He did a great job providing my family with love and compassion. I talked to him a lot every day and he stayed with us with love and gratitude. All of us owe him what we are now.


My grandparents and my parents were great farmers and made every effort to grow rice and vegetables. (My father was a bank clerk as well.) They loved farming, but I couldn’t take interest in agriculture. Though the two schools I worked for in my 50s had agricultural courses, I still couldn’t feel like studying farming. I had some flower pots in my room but I failed in taking care of them. So I started to speak to them every day, saying ‘good morning’, ‘What beautiful flowers you have bloomed!’. Surprisingly, just after I began to speak to them, the plants got energized and the buds started to swell. The more I spoke to them, the more flowers they had. That might be the simplest fact for many people, but for me, that is the first successful experience I have had in communicating with plants and flowers.


I hear that in ancient times people could communicate with any flora and fauna. Today people have lost those abilities. Developing those capacities, I think, might be what would make us what we really are.



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