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(79)The Doorway To Divine Wisdom 大いなる知恵へのアプローチ

Having friends from Japan and from the world with whom I share the same visions has provided me with a deeper perspective of my country and a broader outlook on the world.


However, in the predicaments of this tough world, a myriad of people around the world are wondering how to tackle so many issues. These days, a lot of friends and clients of mine have got mentally mired, saying to me, “I have been so much troubled about a lot of difficult problems”.


I have said to such people, “True You is a perfect receiver of inspiration. If you focus on your TrueSelf, you can be connected with something great and reach a resolution that gives the most relief and pleasure to your heart. TrueSelf is the doorway to divine wisdom. All you have to do is to ask, and wait for an answer to come”.


As I mentioned, Self-Conference is one of the most recommended ways to get a perfect answer.



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