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(71)Live On ‘TrueSelf’. Don’t Use Brains Too Much.「頭」をはずして「本当の自分」で生きる

Modern technology has made incredible progress and it looks like we can do anything by using state-of-the-art devices. Needless to say, people can think, remember, judge, reflect, predict, and create by using their brains, which has promoted modern technology. Using them is a major part of what human beings are all about.


However, there is one thing I have found when I gave advice to a lot of people, which is that so many intelligent people have been struggling with how to survive this world. Many of them are suffering from mental issues and human relationship problems. They have been working so hard, at school, to study languages, mathematics, history, and so on. Their high performances were highly appreciated in this world. Nevertheless, when at work and cooperating with others, their abilities to think, remember, judge, … are not as important as their ‘mindset’.


One of my clients is a super-intelligent man, who is a college professor and has human relationship problems. He can understand everything, but I have had a hard time helping him have access to his TrueSelf, because he always sticks to his knowledge, experiences, and intelligence. His focus on his intelligence seems to prevent him from recognizing what he really is. I have to be patient until he gets ready to find his TrueSelf and turn his life around.


I had been told, “You should not use your brain too much”. It was not until I understood what the words meant that I could recognize my TrueSelf.



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