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(66)Be ‘A Giver’, Not ‘A Taker’ 「奪う人」ではなく「与える人」になる

We need to obtain what we need to survive on this planet, such as food, water, clothing, houses, daily necessities. money, and so on. But we cannot take what we require without giving anything.


Giving a lot to others is a significant attitude to become better off, because the more people need you, the more you will yield. That is to say, the more elated you make people around you, the more people you have around you and want to help you. What goes around comes around.


My ex-mentor told me about the following story of ‘Santa Claus and A Thief’. Both are the same in that they bear bags and come into residences. But the former gives gifts to the children, and the latter robs the house of the valuables. Children look forward to Santa’s visit for a very long time, while people lock all the doors to prevent thieves from breaking into their property. Santa is ‘a giver’, and a thief is ‘a taker’.


I have asked my students and people feeling troubled, “Do you greet people like Santa, or like a thief? The greetings of the former make people energized and motivated, while those of the latter enervate others. Once I told all the students of a school about this story. The next day I was amazed at how powerful and encouraging their greetings got, and the air of the school altered for the better.


This is seemingly a very simple tip but has proved to work for many people.



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