• Change your mindset. Change your life. 楽に生きるために(英日 2か国語サイト)

(53)Love Is Life. Life Is Light. ②「愛は命」「命は光」②

Through my life experiences, I have realized that ‘Love is Life’ and ‘Life is Light’, which was a life-changing event for me. Everything around me changed, including fauna and flora, nature, and all kinds of industrial products. For my mindset was altered for the better.


With that realization made, meeting people has had a different meaning. That became a chance to seek what was good about those people. I could easily recognize the twinkling colorful energy in each one of them; which was sometimes gold, sometimes red, or sometimes sky blue.


I was transferred to another school as a principal. All of the students and teaching staff were brilliant and shining stars to me. Good points about them came directly to me, though they were troubled with many issues to be solved. Wearing renewed looking-eye glasses, through which I could see through to their ‘TrueSelf,’ made a big difference in the relationships between us.


As one of the administrators, I never stopped respecting, praising, and encouraging them, by saying, “Every one of you has infinitude. Please draw on the best in your potential”. “Take ‘I can make it’ for granted, for you can actually do it”. “Challenges are treasures. The more troubles you have, the nearer you are to your TrueSelf”. Those addresses worked in motivating students and teaching staff, which led to one of the greatest achievements in more than ninety years of my school. (to be continued)

《 私は管理職の一人として、生徒や先生方を認め、褒め、励まし続けました。私が常に言っていたことは次の言葉です。「すべての人には無限の可能性がある。それを引き出すことが大切だ」「できるを前提に考えよう。実際できるのだから」「課題は宝。トラブルを抱えている人は本当の自分を発見する手前にいる」これらの話は生徒や先生方に元気を与え、それは90年以上の歴史の中で最も成果が出た年の一つとなりました。(続く)》


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