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(44)Raise Your “Mind Temperature” 「心の温度」を上げる

Today when I was talking with my friend about what I had experienced yesterday, inspirational words came across my mind. These were ”心の体温(kokoro no taion).” (This Japanese expression is a little bit strange because 心(kokoro) means “mind” and 体温(taion) means “body temperature.”)

My friend exclaimed, “That’s so good! I love it!”

In yesterday’s post, I illustrated how ‘Write it and Find it’ for ‘Goodness Mining’ worked for me. I emphasized the significance of focusing on the contents of the three categories: Light, Love, and Infinity. Needless to say, love is the warmth of the heart. Being a giver and making people pleased raises the “mind temperature” of the giver himself/herself and other people.

However, in recent years, many people have had so much fear and anxiety that they cannot trust others or love others. Some even hate the world. I think their “mind temperatures” have greatly declined.

I will describe some suggestions to raise your “mind temperature”.

Firstly, finding your TrueSelf is what can raise your mind temperature much higher. If you can recognize what you truly are, you will find out what your life is really meant for. You will feel relieved in the truest sense of that word. You know what you have to do to others. You have no fear and anxiety. You will always maintain a high “mind temperature”.

Secondly, it is good to be in nature. If you feel too much anxiety and fear, I think you should stay away from what causes you to experience these negative feelings. It might do you good to turn off everything around you and walk into the woods or go to the seashore. You can realize that you have already been living in a wonderful world. You can feel gratitude for that fact. Your mind will be warmed by Mother Earth and the universe.

Thirdly, one of the best ways to improve your mental state is to solve the issues of other people. Now is the time when you stop focusing on negative feelings and beating yourself up so that you can begin to warm other peoples’ hearts.

Life is a choice. We have only to choose our own reality which will raise our “mind temperatures”.












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