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(37)Pronunciation Matters 英語は発音が大切

’You can say it. You can catch it.’

This is what Mr. Kaz Yokoyama mentioned about the significance of pronunciation. As I wrote in one of the previous articles, he is a Japanese simultaneous interpreter.

He became an interpreter without having studied abroad. I wanted to know how he could acquire such a surprising command of English, especially how he learned his amazing pronunciation skills. He said to me, ‘I taught myself in every way possible and some pronunciation coaches helped me with it.’ I had never heard of there being such tutors in Japan.

Speaking and listening to English might be a big challenge for many Japanese learners. I gave lessons in English, but I myself had some difficulties listening to the English spoken in natural settings, like daily conversations between native speakers, movies, and dramas.

During my teaching career, I couldn’t focus well on listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills. So after retiring, I decided to work on them and attended a couple of pronunciation seminars conducted by Mr. Kaz Yokoyama “Listening 1 DAY Install,” and a seminar by his coach. I also learned from a lot of native teachers. I have acquired so many skills in pronunciation through those experiences and have become comfortable speaking with native speakers, which has made me boost my self-confidence.

Part of what I have learned, which is about ‘American R,’ is on the page ‘WorkshopⅡ.’

I can say that pronunciation is one of the keys to making a difference in learning English, and teaching pronunciation to people who are struggling with English is worth engaging in.






教育現場では話す聞くや発音に十分焦点を当てることはできませんでした。退職後発音に取り組むことに決め、横山カズ先生の発音の講座「リスニング1 DAY インストール」や横山先生が発音を教わった先生のセミナーに参加しました。また英語を母国語とする先生方から学ぶことで、驚くほど多くの発音の技術を学ぶことができ、その結果かなり楽にネイティブの方と英語で話すことができるようになりました。そして自信も高まりました。




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