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(36)Moderate Eating More Sleep③(sleeping) 適量の食とより多くの睡眠を③(睡眠編)

Having a good night’s sleep is one of the most arduous tasks for many people. If we have sleep disorders like insomnia, we cannot keep ourselves fit.

Sleeping pills aid us to go to sleep.  But it might cause some people annoying side effects, such as feeling weary or drowsy during the daytime.

Many people hold that sleep is deeply linked with our mental sanity. Lack of enough sleep prevents people from feeling fresh and new, or from getting inspiration in the morning. A lot of factors, such as care, anxiety, and overthinking may hinder us from enjoying quality sleep. I think quantity and quality of sleep should be more focused on in this hectic society.

We should note the fact that feeling sleepy is a sign from our body that we need some rest. We should listen to what our bodies demand. Good sleep would lead us to a fruitful and meaningful life.

Listed below are a few suggestions to improve our sleep.

(1)Say in your head for one minute before going to bed, ‘Thank you, 〇〇(the names of those whom you feel grateful for).’

(2)Write a thank-you letter to your parents.

(3)Write down some good points about yourself or others.

(4)Make a to-do list for the following day and prioritize and number the tasks.

Through those activities, you can feel a lot of love, gratitude, and peace, which will lead to a good night’s sleep and fruitful life.






(1) 寝る前の1分間、心の中でお世話になっている人に「ありがとう」と伝える。

(2) 親に感謝の手紙を書く。

(3) 自分や他人の良いところを書き出す。

(4) 次の日にやるべき事のリストを作り、優先順位を考え、番号を振る。



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