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(35)Moderate Eating More Sleep②(Minerals) 必要なのはミネラル

In the previous article, we recommended you eat moderately to keep fit.

What we should think about next is what substances we should intake. Of course, many people are conscious of what kinds of food they consume. But they tend to think little of how many minerals plants, vegetables, or fruits have. Today I will talk about ‘minerals.’

The other day, I listened to a lecture by a soil doctor. Her lecture was full of astonishing knowledge about what is really occurring in the soil of the world. Compared with what it was 100 years ago, the amount of minerals in the soil has decreased to a great extent, which has led to a steep decline in the minerals of grains, vegetables, and fruits. For example, some data showed that the amount of iron in spinach has fallen to less than one-fifth as much as it used to be 60 years ago.

I saw a picture taken about 80 years ago that showed two female workers carrying five rice bales each. The lecturer said that what they ate at that time might explain their incredible strength.

She described the similarities between chlorophyll and Haemoglobin and said that the shortage of minerals in grains, vegetables, and fruits might lead to the shortage of minerals in our bodies and diseases.

The emphasis by some other people on unoxidized minerals makes sense to me. The more natural, the better.

We must pursue the truth to figure out what step to take. What we should do next is to think about agriculture and health from a viewpoint of ‘minerals.’

I suppose that eating the moderate amount of food rich in natural minerals is what we should do to keep fit.










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