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(29)Letting Go Of Negativity(my experience)③ もやもやを解消する(体験)③

After beginning to agonize over a mental disorder in my mid-40s, I found it very tough to read books, watch TV, and even go out for a walk. I couldn’t give a solution to my problems, so I tested a lot of ideas in the world.

In my early 50s, I began learning from a man who was an owner of a hotel. He cured a lot of people’s diseases as a healer of both the physical and mental kind. He showed me how to figure out the vibrations of living things and inanimate objects. He also illustrated the prehistoric age of Japan and other countries. He provided me with new and profound perspectives about what was occurring in the world and what would happen in the future.

At about the same time, I was given an opportunity to work for a school in a very bucolic district full of nature. Previously, I had been working in congested cities and had lived far away from the energy and the smells of the sea and the mountains. The presence of nature at hand made my mind heal to a greater extent.

Through those experiences, my mind was opened little by little, but in my mid-50s, my life again became like a boat rocked in the troubled waters.

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