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(24)Everything Happens For A Reason. 人生に無駄はない

This morning I happened to meet an old friend of mine. We talked casually about a certain topic and it reminded me of something I should do by noon. I quickly finished that task and was able to make it in time. Thankfully, meeting him today saved me some trouble after that.

What happened today was something small, but it made me think about my life experiences. I realized that my life was full of fortunate things.

I also remembered hearing a miraculous story from another friend this year.

The friend, an 80-year-old writer and humanitarian, told me the other day about having a serious car accident in January and having been hospitalized with a broken rib and back fracture. The car hit something in the street and skid backward for about one hundred meters, but nobody else was injured. And the doctor told that being able to walk was a miracle.

A lot of people may experience more or less similar things in their lives.

Looking back, I myself could go through a lot of difficulties thanks to the help of something great. I can say that everything happened for a reason and everything that happened led me to do what I am now working on.

What happened today was a great lesson. And it might also be a divine message that I should take more care of things however subtle they may appear to be.

Today’s inspirations are as follows:

1 Everything happens for a reason. No matter what happens, you will learn from them. If something unfavorable happens, you can ask yourself what it means.

2 Stick to what you are supposed to do. You will be protected and guided.









1 人生に無駄はありません。何が起ころうとそこから学ぶことができます。何かが起こったらそれはどんな意味なのか自分に問うといいです。

2 自分のやるべきこと(役割)を成しましょう。守られ導かれます。


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