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(22)How To Listen To The Inner Voice: Stay Still Without Thinking 内なる声を聞くためには「ぼんやりすること」

The title of yesterday’s article was ‘Listen To The Inner Voice’. I appreciate many people reading that article. One of the readers of my blogs asked me to explain in detail how to do it.


This website is about how to get rid of negativity and have access to one’s TrueSelf, from which we may get any kind of wisdom. Listening to the inner voice is tantamount to getting wisdom from one’s TrueSelf. So please refer to the previous articles and the ‘Workshop Ⅰ’ page (especially stage 1 and stage 2). These techniques may be so helpful.


In this article, I’d like to talk about a helpful tip for listening to the inner voice, which is to ‘Stay Still Without Thinking’.


Today a lot of people are leading such a busy life that they cannot spend enough time eating and being in nature. They do not have enough room in their minds for reflecting upon themselves and thinking about their future. They are overwhelmed with their work, and after that, they do a lot of activities, to distract themselves from frustration caused by work or uneasy human relationships. Children and students are asked to study and are encouraged to do a lot of activities, and many of them play video games at night.


In modern society, people value engaging in something rather than doing nothing. But I think ’staying still without thinking’ provides people with a lot of chances to have inspiration and form their own visions.


I sometimes go out only with the companion of my special notebook and spend a few hours in a cafe going out on various adventures in my mind. Another ideal time for me to release myself from any worries is when I am in a hot bath. I often leave the relaxing place with great ideas. This article’s idea is what I came up with there.



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