• Change your mindset. Change your life. 楽に生きるために(英日 2か国語サイト)

(21)Listen To The Inner Voice 内なる声を聞く

According to the old lunar calendar of Japan, February 3rd is the eve of the new season of spring. We call it ‘Setsubun’. A lot of people throw dried soybeans at ogres and eat ‘thick rolled sushi’ in order to ward off diseases and misfortune.

Tomorrow is the first day of spring and it is when the energy and the atmosphere of things begin to change. I do hope many fortuitous things will happen to all of us. I have the feeling that this year will provide us with great opportunities.

But today things are still annoying. I am afraid that a lot of people are lost with many issues, such as financial problems, or mental problems. I recommend they do one thing, which is to listen to their inner voice, no matter what happens to them, or how hectic their life might be. They should sit back and see the whole picture of what is going on around them and decide for themselves what to do next because that is what their life should be all about.

The inner voices I heard lately are:

1. Stay calm and true to your TrueSelf.

2. Watch the vibration of your mind. Cherish inner harmony.

3. Stay deeply rooted in where you are and send love to the universe.






1. 心を穏やかにしよう。 本当の自分で生きよう。

2. 心の次元に気をつけよう。 内なる調和を大切にしよう。

3. 自分のいるところを大切に、宇宙に愛を発信しよう。


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