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(19)3-①Self-Conference Worked. 「自問自答のひとり会議」の威力

Today is Feb.1st and new moon day. In Japan this year, Feb. 3rd is ‘Setsubun,’ which refers to the eve of the first day of spring. Feb. 4th is the first day of spring. I look forward to the cherry blossoms in bloom in about two months.

This evening I felt the need to think about what I should work on this spring. I opened my notebook and started a “self-conference”. After writing for 30 minutes. I found the answers which I was hoping to find:

  1. Everything is going quite well. Now I had better complete my blueprint of what to do.

2. It is crucial to free myself from limitations and focus on my potential.

3. I should stay ready for inspiration.


About Self-Conference

Today so many things are happening around us that we may sometimes be driven into confusion. These events might deprive us of our time and room in our minds to think about which way to go.

This is why we sometimes have to step back from everything around us, and think for ourselves about the critical issues in our lives.

One of the vital and powerful ways to find solutions to our problems is simple: Ask questions of ourselves. We call this “self-conference”.

1 Before you start the “self-conference” make sure that you have a good sleep, relax, and envision your bright future. Focus on your own goodness.

2 Open a notebook to a page.

3 Divide it into 2 columns by folding or drawing a line.

4 Write down your questions you cannot find clues to answer in the left column.

5 Answer these questions in the right column without overthinking, for at least three minutes.

If we find that you don’t have a lot to write, or you don’t think your answers are not remarkable, that is fine. These answers may come in many other ways. They may come from your friends, the books you read, the media, or events that will come to pass in the future.

Please enjoy the process. What matters is staying focused on what is good about yourself all the time.




2 自分に限界を設けず、可能性に焦点を当てることが重要だということ。

3 インスピレーションを得る準備を常にしておくこと






1 よく寝てリラックスし、自分の明るい未来を想像してください。そして自分の素晴らしさに心の焦点を当ててください。

2 ノートを用意します。

3 そのうちの1ページを縦に分け、2つのブロックを作ります。

4 左のブロックに解決の糸口が見つからない問題を書きます。

5 右のブロックにあまり考えないで(頭を使わないで)、前向きな答えを書いていきます。時間は3分以上です。




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