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(3)(Book)”The Textbook for Professional Leaders”『プロフェッショナルリーダーの教科書』

The title of the book is “The Textbook for Professional Leaders — Engagement Leadership,” by Dr. Kensuke Hakoda.

The author was born in Japan and went to the US at the age of 16 to study English and music. He received a bachelor’s degree in education and music at Saint Olaf College. He also attended Wichita State University and received two master’s degrees. In 2018, He received a Doctor of Education degree from Columbia University.

His career includes teaching music at high school for 7 years, teaching at university for 16 years as a professor, and also as the department chair of music. He also served as the music director of the Salina Symphony for 15 years. During his tenure, the symphony made great achievements in increasing the number of performances and ticket sales.

Now he lives in Japan and devotes himself to his mission as CEO of Insight Learning co., Ltd, which was founded by his father Mr. Tadaaki Hakoda, to support human development in corporations(schools) through the “person-centered” method he learned at Columbia University.

His method is focused on how to draw out the best of the workers (students) and provide them with an environment that can motivate them to work with passion. He emphasizes “to engage” in the job(study), not “to do” it.

This book was published on May 25th. 2021. and has been read widely among top business(education) leaders. You will learn much about what the “person-centered” method is all about. Why don’t you get new ideas and change your corporation(school) for the better?









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