• Change your mindset. Change your life. 楽に生きるために(英日 2か国語サイト)


1 The first stage: The Gateway to TrueSelf 第1段階「「本当の自分」へのゲートウェイ」

1-① Cleaning up our mind 心の大掃除

Today a growing number of people feel frustrated and stressed about what is going on around them.

Some may suffer from mental disorders and need medical treatment.

Getting negative feelings out of our system is very hard, and our efforts to make it happen may not have been so successful.

Cleaning up our minds is the first stage of our journey.  If you are interested in it, please be with us.  





1-② Understanding the structure of our minds 心の仕組みを理解する

Today’s topic is one of the most important topics in considering ‘how to deal with stress.’

This is about ‘the structure of our mind, and how our minds work’.

There are many theories and ways of thinking about ‘the structure of our minds.’

I will show you my idea about the structure of our minds: There are four layers in our minds. (from the outside to the core.)

1  intelligence  

2  memories and emotions

3  the subconscious mind

4  love&gratitude, energy, the perfect immune system

①   intelligence

   We gain knowledge and skills, with which we judge something as good or as bad, decide what to do, or what not to do.

② memories and emotions

Our life is full of memories, whether they are good or not. We have many emotions, such as joy, gratitude, anger, grief, envy, and satisfaction.

③  the subconscious mind

 What we have experienced or learned stays way deep down in our minds. What our parents told us to do or not to do, or what our classmates told us about remain in our minds. They rarely come out but may affect our feelings, motivation, and mindset without us knowing it.

④ TrueSelf, what one truly is, love&gratitude, energy, the perfect immune system

   At the core of our mind is what we truly are, which we have had from our birth. That part is the source of love & gratitude and energy. Many people have been struggling to find out what that is, but not many have succeeded in it. If they can get access to it, they can recognize what their life is really meant for, feel true joy and gratitude, being full of energy, which can lead to their living a life of purpose to the full. 

○  I’d like to add one thing now. It is about “the mind scale”.

   The founder of KYOCERA corporation., Kazuo Inamori, said that there was a mind scale, which ranged from +100 to -100. If one is altruistic and always thinks of the happiness of others, the scale is +100, leading to his/her great success in life and business, and vice versa. Each person’s happiness and business performances correspond to his/her state of mind. His equation is as follows:

The outcome of life and business = the mind scale① × enthusiasm② × capability③

(My translation)

  ①+100~-100  ②③+100~0                 

  So it is important to focus on our true self (of layer 4) (Write it and Find it) by getting a variety of desires and emotions (of layer1,2,3) out of our system (Write it and Shred it), which will raise our mind scale, leading us to our great joy and performances in our lives. 

Mr. Inamori emphasized the importance of recognizing ’TrueSelf,’ which he said was full of ‘truth, goodness, and beauty.’


1 知性


2 記憶と感情


3 潜在意識

  生まれてから経験したこと・学んだことで心の奥底にあるもの。親や友人からかけられてきた言葉な      ど。普段は表に出てこないが、知らず知らずのうちに我々の判断、モチベーションや考え方に影響を及ぼす。

4 本当の自分、愛と感謝、エネルギー、完全な免疫

  生まれてきたときから存在の中心にあるもの。愛と感謝とエネルギーの源。人々がこれまで希求し  てきたもの。これが分かれば、人生の意味を知り、本当の喜びを感謝を感じることができる。エネルギーに溢れ、存分に意味のある人生を生ききることができる。


稲盛和夫氏(京セラ創業者)による方程式 「人生・仕事の結果=考え方×熱意×能力」によると

「考え方(利他の心かどうか)」は マイナス100からプラス100 まで。

「熱意」「能力」は ゼロからプラス100まで。




1-③Start with Recording and End with Recording.記録で始まり、記録で終わる 

The first step to cleaning up our minds is “Keeping records of what happens to us and how we feel.”

Our life is an adventure full of ups and downs. Various thoughts and feelings constantly come into and go out of our minds, not only while we are awake but also while asleep. They may sometimes come from deep inside our minds and we can’t get all of them under control. They might affect negatively how we feel in our daily lives, often causing us to suffer from mental problems.

The reason why we can’t get control of our thoughts and feelings is that we can’t exactly recognize what we think and how we feel. If we can put them into words, it will surely help us realize what the problems really are and find out solutions to them, leading us to clean our minds.

As for me, I went through many issues to deal with and problems to solve, and writing them down has helped me not to get overwhelmed by negative thoughts and feelings. One of my mentors said to me, “Everything begins with recording and everything ends with recording.” Recording(=Writing down) was what he always emphasized.

I have used notebooks of a famous brand (squared) for years. What I am using now is my 25th one. This notebook always helps keep a diary, records what is happening to me or around the world, and writes down the inspirations I received. It has been good company when I was by myself.

Some of the tips I can share with you to keep writing and recording are as follows:

1 Find out the most favorite notebook to write on (It can be a good investment.)

2 Use a favorite pen to write with

3 Design what and where to write so that what is written will be beautifully arranged. …..

Why don’t you embark on an exciting journey by recording what you think and how you feel?







1 お気に入りのノートを見つける(自分への投資)

2 筆記用具にこだわる

3 記録する内容と場所を工夫し、配置等を美しくデザインする


1-④Clearing our minds of everything by ‘Write it and Shred it.” 心の全てをクリアする

This step is one of the most important ones we should adopt in dealing with our mental issues.

Of course, writing it down and telling it to others are what will work to reduce our stress, but a lot of people may find it hard to deal with stress just by writing it down and consulting professionals.

Another step should be taken, which is ‘to dispose of’ the paper on which our thoughts and feelings are written.

‘To dispose of’ means ‘to tear into pieces and throw away, or burn.’

Our advice is to spare a certain amount of time (about 3 minutes) a day and spend the time writing down everything about what we think and how we feel. (Don’t do it too long.)

‘The fewer thoughts and the fewer feelings we have, the better.’

It is we who decide what is good and what is not good in our daily lives. However, what seems good sometimes turns out to be otherwise, and vice versa. Throwing them all away is crucial to the process of making us feel lighter and better.

First, please do it every day for a week. After that, we’d better do it if we think we should.










2 The second stage: Recognizing love through Goodness Mining 第2段階「よさを掘ることで愛を知る」

2-①Recognizing the love we have by focusing on good points of ourselves, what we like, what makes us happy, what we are grateful for 自分たちのよいところ、好きなもの、幸せに感じること、感謝していることを掘ることで自分の中にある愛を知る

This is one of the most important posts.

In some of the previous posts, I mentioned the first stage of our journey, which is how to deal with negativity.

This post is about the first step of our second stage(what we call ‘Goodness Mining’) to reach the goal of finding our true self or other infinite possibilities.

As I explained previously, we have ‘our true self at the core of our mind or our being.

What we should do after clearing our minds of everything is focus on what we really are.

If we could recognize what we really are, we would not be influenced too much by what others say, or what others do to us. But actually, in our daily lives, we tend to be worried too much about what others say about what we do, and in those cases, we are not really living our own true life.
Eventually, many of us lose sight of what we really want to do, feel depressed, and sometimes need some medical treatment.

I suffered from years of depression and got over it without going to a doctor. I read thousands of books and tried everything possible. It helped me a lot, but it didn’t solve all the problems. When I found my true self, I noticed I had looked outside for a solution to that and realized that what mattered was to find out what was inside. I found out the ways of finding our true self, one of which is ‘Goodness Mining.’

One of the ways of ‘Goodness Mining’ is ‘Write it and Find it.’

The first thing to do is to count what is good about us, like our characters, what we like, what makes us happy, what we are grateful for, …, and so on. The more things we put down, the better.

There are five points to be noted:
1 Write down what is good about us without stopping, without thinking too much, and without using our brains.
2 Write specifically. Write in detail.
3 Can refer to what you made before, or the work by somebody else.
4 Work on it with joy.

When asked to do so by someone, we may not be able to write down more than 30 good points, because we don’t get used to focusing on our goodness.

Trying to write them down means focusing on the good points about us.

If we can write them down very easily, it is very likely that we will feel happy about ourselves, can be satisfied with what we are, and live our own life without being affected by what happens around us.


これまで心の掃除について述べてきましたが、これは第2ステージ(Goodness Miningと呼んでいます)の最初の投稿になります。このステージは「真なる己」を見つけるステージです。


投稿者自身、長期のうつを経験し、何千冊を本を読み、あらゆることを試しました。それらは役に立ちましたが、根本的な解決には至りませんでした。そんな中、「外を探していた」方向性を「自分の中を探す」ことに転換した結果、「本当の自分の姿」「本当の自分のすばらしさ」に気がつくことができました。その「自分の中を探す方法」がGoodness Miningです。Goodness Miningの方法の一つが’Write it and Find it’です。



1 思いついたことを止まらないで書き続ける。頭を使わない。

2 具体的に、詳しく書く。

3 以前書いたものや他の人の項目を見ながら書いてもよい。

4 楽しく取り組む




これまで心の掃除について述べてきましたが、これは第2ステージ(Goodness Miningと呼んでいます)の最初の投稿になります。このステージは「真なる己」を見つけるステージです。

2-②Recognizing their love by focusing on good points of those whom we love 親しい人のよさを掘ることで彼らの愛を知る

In one of the previous posts, the activities of counting good points of ourselves were advocated. What they aim at is to focus on the positive side of ourselves.

Through those activities, we can recognize how excellent and talented we really are, and how many blessings we enjoy.

All of us have been through so many difficulties in this world, which might make us worried about what other people want us to do, order us to do, or blame us for. Of course, such requirements and criticism from others would help us make improvements in our characters, manners, and performances. But at the same time, they might prevent us from recognizing who we really are, what we have, and what our life is really meant for. Most people live a life and die without knowing the real purpose of their lives. That is a shame. We are born for a reason. We are born for a purpose. We are born with infinite potential. All we have to do is to find them out, and achieve what we are destined to do. We should be what we really are. We have to prove ourselves to be luminosity itself.

The next step of the second stage is ‘Counting Good Points of Those Whom We love.’

This activity is to count what is good about those whom we like, such as their characters, their clothing, their attitudes toward others …, and so on. The more points, the better.

It might be much easier than to count good points of ourselves because what we usually do is look at others, not at ourselves.

There are four points to be noted:(repost)
1 Write down what is good about them without stopping and without thinking too much.
2 Write specifically. Write in detail.
3 Can refer to what you made before, or the work by somebody else.
4 Work on it with joy.

If we keep focusing on the good points of those whom we love, we can understand more about who they really are

Then we will respect each other, open our hearts to each other, and love each other.

Developing such kind of mindset will build our character and help us to lead a meaningful life.







1 思いついたことを止まらないで書き続ける。頭を使いすぎない。

2 具体的に、細かく書く。

3 以前書いたものや他の人の項目を見ながら書いてもよい。

4 楽しく取り組む




2-③Recognizing their love by focusing on good points of those whom we don’t like 苦手な人のよさを掘ることで彼らの愛を知る

Through the activities of ‘Counting Good Points of Ourselves’ and ‘Counting Good Points of Those Whom We love,’ we will realize how wonderful, beautiful, and gifted we really are, and how magnificent those whom we love actually are.

It will surely change our mindset for the better and change our life for all the better.

The activities mentioned so far seem to be something which we might do with ease, with pleasure, and with much fruit, but I don’t think that is not quite enough.

The last step of this stage is ‘Counting Good Points of Those Whom We Don’t Like,’ which may be difficult to tackle. There may not be many who want to work on it. However, if we just try to change our mindset this way, things around us begin to change for the better.

Just trying to find out what is good about those whom we don’t like may lead us to realize that we might have the wrong image of them. The unfavorable images of them might be just from their frustrations about their issues, like the relationships with their spouses or friends The remarks by them may have caused us to have unfavorable images of them.

Figuring out the positive sides of those whom we don’t like will make us focus on their true self, make us have new perspectives about them, and make us realize we have much in common, which will reduce the number of those whom we don’t like, hopefully to any like, hopefully to none.

The point is that we should try not to ‘shun’ them, but to ‘understand’ them.

The problem is whether people try to engage in it or not, as almost all of us don’t want to do it.

It is a superb way to better our communication with others, and our quality of life.

The world would be better if many people adopted this way of thinking.

There are four points to be noted:(repost)
1 Write down what is good about them without stopping and without thinking too much.
2 Write specifically. Write in detail.
3 Can refer to what you made before, or the work by somebody else.
4 Work on it with joy.

If we keep focusing on the good points of those whom we don’t like, we can understand who they really are

Then we will respect each other, open our hearts to each other, and love each other.

If we develop such kind of mindset, it will work in building our characters, leading a meaningful life, and contributing to building up a peaceful world.
Good Luck!!!!!











1 思いついたことを止まらないで書き続ける。頭を使いすぎない。

2 具体的に書く、細かく書く。

3 以前書いたものや他の人の項目を見ながら書いてもよい。

4 楽しく取り組む





2-④ Recognizing love in everything around us by focusing on good points of families, groups, companies, schools, districts, countries, the earth, or the universe (under construction) 家族、グループ、会社、学校、地域、国、地球、宇宙のよさを掘ることで森羅万象の愛を知る

2-⑤ Respecting ourselves means respecting the universe. (under construction) 私たち自身を大切にすることは宇宙に感謝するということ。(工事中)


2-⑥ Three suggestions about meditation: 瞑想(3種)

 How to get useful messages 役立つメッセージを得るために

(1) Light, Love, and Infinity Meditation (光と愛と無限の瞑想)

This meditation can brighten our minds, electrify our life, and strengthen our bondage with the universe.

It consists of four parts. The procedure is as follows;


1-1 Sit down(or lie down) and feel relaxed.

1-2 Close your eyes slowly and breathe in and breathe out three times

1-3 Imagine breathing in the twinkling golden energy and the words ‘Light is me’ from the universe, and imagine them going deep down into your body and spirit.

1-4 Imagine breathing out the twinkling golden energy and the words ’I am Light’ and imagine them spreading into this world and going back to the universe.

1-5 Repeat 1-3 and 1-4 ten times

2-1 Imagine breathing in the twinkling pink energy and the words ‘Love is Me’ from the universe, and imagine them going deep down into your body and spirit.

2-2 Imagine breathing out the twinkling pink energy and the words ’I am Love’ and imagine them spreading into this world and going back to the universe.

2-3 Repeat 2-1 and 2-2 ten times.

3-1 Imagine breathing in the twinkling sky blue energy and the words ‘Infinity is me’ from the universe, and imagine them going deep down into your body and spirit.

3-2 Imagine breathing out the twinkling sky blue energy and the words ’I am Infinity’ and imagine them spreading into this world and going back to the universe.

3-3 Repeat 3-1 and 3-2 ten times

4-1 Lastly feel for a while how you feel about being light, love, and infinity itself, and say the following words three times, ‘Light is Me. I am Light. Love is Me. I am Love. Infinity is Me. I am Infinity.’

4-2 Open your eyes and stretch your body slowly. Write down how you felt during the meditation.

*My fellow citizens in the world!

We practice this meditation at 9:00 and at 21:00(JST) every day in January and in February.

If you could engage in this activity and share the same vision with us, it would enhance the vibration of the earth and the universe.

*Improvements in this meditation will be made accordingly.









1-5 1-3と1-4を10回繰り返す。

2-1吸う息に合わせて、宇宙からのきらきらと輝く ピンク色のエネルギーと「愛は私」という言葉を体や心に深く取り入れることをイメージする。


2-3 1-1と2-2を10回繰り返す。



3-3 3-1と3-2を10回繰り返す。

4―1 しばらく自分が光と愛と無限そのものになってきらきらと輝いていることを体感し、「光は私、私は光。愛は私、私は愛。無限は私、私は無限」と3回唱える。





  (2) Going Home Meditation (under construction) (ゴーイングホーム瞑想)(工事中)

(3) Timeline Meditation (under construction)   (タイムライン瞑想)(工事中)


3 The third stage: Going Beyond 第3段階「さらなる高みへ」

3-①Self-conference 自問自答のひとり会議

Today so many things are happening around us that we may sometimes be driven into confusion. These events might deprive us of our time and room in our minds to think about which way to go.

This is why we sometimes have to step back from everything around us, and think for ourselves about the critical issues in our lives.

One of the vital and powerful ways to find solutions to our problems is simple: Ask questions of ourselves. We call this “self-conference”.

1 Before you start the “self-conference” make sure that you have a good sleep, relax, and envision your bright future. Focus on your own goodness.

2 Open a notebook to a page.

3 Divide it into 2 columns by folding or drawing a line.

4 Write down your questions you cannot find clues to answer in the left column.

5 Answer these questions in the right column without overthinking, for at least three minutes.

If we find that you don’t have a lot to write, or you don’t think your answers are not remarkable, that is fine. These answers may come in many other ways. They may come from your friends, the books you read, the media, or events that will come to pass in the future.

Please enjoy the process. What matters is staying focused on what is good about yourself all the time.





1 よく寝てリラックスし、自分の明るい未来を想像してください。そして自分の素晴らしさに心の焦点を当ててください。

2 ノートを用意します。

3 そのうちの1ページを縦に分け、2つのブロックを作ります。

4 左のブロックに解決の糸口が見つからない問題を書きます。

5 右のブロックにあまり考えないで(頭を使わないで)、前向きな答えを書いていきます。時間は3分以上です。



3-②Eat less, Sleep More.減食とより多くの睡眠が健康の秘訣

One of my mentors said to me one day, “If you want to stay fit, eat less and sleep more.”
It was quite the opposite of what I had done in my life. I had tried to eat substantial meals three times a day and had engaged in reading or studying till late at night. I regarded lying on the bed when tired during the daytime as what we should not do or what lazy persons are doing.

My dog, however, is kept outside even when it is so hot and so cold, but he is still so strong and well, and never gets sick. He is not doing anything special, almost always asleep. If he doesn’t want to eat, he will never eat anything. He never eats more than he wants.

I heard that the habit of eating three times a day started less than a century ago. Now, much information from the media is stimulating our appetite. Of course, eating keeps us in good shape, gives us satisfaction, and enriches our life. Nevertheless, eating more than necessary gives us too much burden to our bodies, which might cause physical sickness, sometimes mental disorders.

Feeling sleepy is the message that our bodies need some rest, but many of us try to overcome the natural physical desire just by doing something, such as drinking a cup of coffee,

I began practicing the habit of ‘Eat less, Sleep more’ two months ago. Now I am losing some weight and feeling more energetic.

I have been recommending many people to do the same.








3-③How to sleep well and wake up happy よく寝て気分よく目覚めるために

Having a good night’s sleep is one of the most challenging jobs for not a few people. If we have sleep disorders and insomnia, we cannot keep ourselves fit.

Sleeping pills help us sleep well.  But for some people, it might cause annoying side effects, such as feeling tired or sleepy during the daytime.

Some people say sleep is deeply connected with our spiritual sanity. As a matter of fact, we wake up with bad feelings in the morning, even at night, If we cannot sleep in peace, Sleep is not only the period of physical rest. Lack of good sleep means that we cannot be connected with what provides us with divine inspiration during or just after our sleep.

 Many factors, like anxiety, fear, and overthinking, may prevent us from enjoying quality sleep. I think quantity and quality of sleep should be more valued in this busy society.

We should keep in mind the fact that feeling sleepy simply means that we need enough sleep. Good sleep would lead us to a life full of inspiration.

Those listed below are a few suggestions to improve our sleep.

(1)Say to yourself ‘Thank you,’ to those whom you feel grateful for, for one minute before going to bed.

(2)Write a thank-you letter to your parents.

(3)Write down some good points about yourself or others. (See 2-(1), 2-(2), 2-(3))

(4)Make a to-do list for the next day and prioritize and number the tasks.

Through those activities, you can feel a lot of love, gratitude, and hope, which will lead to a good night’s sleep and a fruitful life.







(1) 寝る前の1分間、心の中でお世話になっている人に「ありがとう」と伝える。

(2) 親に感謝の手紙を書く。

(3) 自分や他人の良いところを書き出す。

(4) 次の日にやるべき事のリストを作り、優先順位を考え、番号を振る。


3-④ Giving Love and Letting it Go(under construction) 愛を与えて手放すということ(工事中)

A lot of people realize the fact that giving love to others is the key to fostering warm relationships and satisfying their own life.

But many of them tend to hope that others will pay the love back, and look forward to receiving what can be expected to come.

Expecting nothing after doing something for others is very hard, but that unconditional love is what matters if you want to live a meaningful and peaceful life.

Please imagine what will happen to you if nothing comes in return after giving a lot to others. You might feel frustrated or indignant. You might even have some hostile feelings.

So ‘sending love to others and letting it go’ is crucial in order to remain calm in your daily life. Then you can be freed from negativity.

Likewise, ’doing all you can and letting it go’ at work could be the secret to relieving us of stress.






3-⑤ How to live in love, gratitude, freedom, and harmony (under construction) 愛と感謝と自由と調和で生きる方法(工事中)

3-⑥ How to live on inspiration(under construction) インスピレーションで生きる方法(工事中)