• Change your mindset. Change your life. 楽に生きるために(英日 2か国語サイト)


This website is about helping people solve their problems; issues concerning mental disorders, physical sickness, socially withdrawnness, school non-attendance, troubled relationships with others, and so forth.

One of the methods we use to achieve those goals is ‘Goodness Mining.’

I will show you the whole picture of what we are working on.


  1. 1st stage ‘The Gateway to TrueSelf’

(1) Understanding the structure of our minds.

(2) Keeping records of what we do and how we feel

(3) Talking to our friends, and consulting counselors and mentors

(4) Clearing our minds of everything

(5) The secret of life, love, and gratitude(under construction)

2. 2nd stage ‘Goodness Mining’

(1) Recognizing the love we have by focusing on good points of ourselves, what we like, what makes us happy, what we are grateful for

(2) Recognizing their love by focusing on good points of those whom we love

(3) Recognizing their love by focusing on good points of those whom we don’t like

(4) Recognizing love in everything by focusing on good points of families, groups, companies, schools, districts, countries, the earth, or the universe (under construction)

(5) Respecting ourselves means respecting the universe. (under construction)

(6)How to get helpful messages (Three suggestions of Meditation)

Love, Light, and Infinity Meditation Going Home Meditation  Timeline Meditation, 

3. 3rd stage ‘Going Beyond’

(1) Self-Conference

(2) Eat less, sleep more.

(3) How to sleep well and wake up happy

(4) Giving Love and Letting it Go(under construction)

(5) How to live in love, gratitude, freedom, and harmony(under construction)

(6) How to live on inspiration(under construction)




1 「本当の自分」へのゲートウウェイ

(1) 心の仕組みを理解する

(2) 日々の出来事や感じたことを記録する

(3) 友人、カウンセラー、メンターに相談する

(4) 心の中の全てを断捨離する

(5) 「生命と愛と感謝」の真の意味を知る(工事中)

2 グッドネス・マイニング(本当のよさを掘る)

(1) 自分のよさを掘る

(2) 親しい人のよさを掘る

(3) 苦手な人のよさを掘る

(4) 家族、グループ、会社、学校、地域、国、地球、宇宙のよさを掘る(工事中)

3 ゴーイング・ビヨンド

(1) ひとり会議

(2) 少食と多睡眠が健康の秘訣

(3) 希望やワクワクで目覚める方法

(4) メッセージを受け取る方法(工事中)


(5) 愛を送って手放すということ(工事中)

(6) 愛と感謝と自由と調和で生きる方法(工事中)

(7) インスピレーションで生きる方法(工事中)