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Goodness Mining グッドネスマイニング

(77)Another Wonderful Review④ 新たな素晴らしいレビュー④

She concluded her review with the following remarks. “Other than that, I took some exercises and practic ...


(76)Another Wonderful Review③ 新たな素晴らしいレビュー③

She went on, saying, “What was happening at work then had started to alter for the better. Going to work ...


(75)Another Wonderful Review② 新たな素晴らしいレビュー②

She continued, “Next, I engaged in ‘Write It And Find It‘ of ‘Goodness Mining’, ...


(62)Great Encounters With Wonderful Students: 素晴らしい生徒との出会い

I met a myriad of students, whose potential I think was infinite. I made every effort to ’teach’, but so many ...


(44)Raise Your “Mind Temperature” 「心の温度」を上げる

Today when I was talking with my friend about what I had experienced yesterday, inspirational words came acros ...