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(62)Great Encounters With Wonderful Students: 素晴らしい生徒との出会い

I met a myriad of students, whose potential I think was infinite. I made every effort to ’teach’, but so many ...


(51)About The Updates On ‘Enjoy English’

I feel sorry for the number of updates on ‘Enjoy English’ page. So much time and energy have been spent on blo ...


(37)Pronunciation Matters 英語は発音が大切

’You can say it. You can catch it.’ This is what Mr. Kaz Yokoyama mentioned about the significance of pronunci ...


(33)The Book That Served As A Guide人生を変えた本

Today’s article is about a book that brought about a breakthrough in my life. Until I was in my mid-50s, I had ...


(14)New Page Added: ‘Enjoy English’ 新コーナー「英語楽習」

One of the missions we are working on is to help non-native speakers of English, like most Japanese people, to ...