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About Us(活動の紹介)

TrueSelf-Esteem For Everyone is an organization established to help people pursue roads to in-depth self-discovery and boost trueself-esteem by providing a lot of useful ideas about how to deal with negative feelings deep inside their minds and find out what each one really is.

The purpose of this site is not merely for students, teachers, and parents. It is also intended for all, irrespective of their professional/personal backgrounds.

This organization aims to draw upon the best in people’s potential via many methods. We want each one of you to find your true self and cultivate good relationships with others, and lead your purposeful life to the fullest, spiritually and materially independent of others.

In addition, we’d like many people from various countries to get a whole picture of what Japan, Japanese culture, and the Japanese spirit are all about.

Our interests also include health, economics, and agriculture, and so forth.

TrueSelf-Esteem For Everyone は皆さんが悩みを軽減し、本当の自分を見つけることで、自信や自己肯定感を高めることを支援する団体です。

この団体は、あらゆる人を対象に、Goodness Miningなどの手法を用いて「無限の可能性を引き出すこと」で、真に自立した人間を育成することに取り組んでいます。



About Contact(「お問い合わせ」について)

*Depending on the contents of the inquiry, it may take some time before a response can be given.