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(91)How To Raise The Vibe バイブレーションを上げる方法

We have been in a time of challenges, which I think means we have many things we have to learn. I myself was in spiritual challenges last month and learned a lot about how to deal with such problems.


One of what I learned was the reasons why this world is as it has been and how to raise our vibe not to be affected by the fear and anxiety of society. If our vibe is high enough, full of love and gratitude, we will keep our mental sanity. We are what we think. We are what we focus on. We are how we feel.


Love and gratitude bring forth harmony and peace. The difficult times are the tests for us, which show how high our vibe is. What we have to work on is focusing on the positive energy of the earth and the universe.


LLI mediation is one of the effective ways of developing desirable vibes. Last month I learned many ways of raising the vibe, one of which is to think of something and chant, “Please bring ‘light’ down on …” many times. You can use it for any person, group, disease, and trouble. I have used this method to send energy and love to others, which could help them raise their vibe so much.



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