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(89)Handling Energy And Vibe Problems エネルギーやバイブレーションの問題に対応する   

April was the month when I learned a lot about how to deal with problems concerning energy and vibe. Last month I had difficulties handling negative feelings caused by the transfer to a new workplace. I decided to focus not on what was outside but on what was inside and wrote down a lot of LLIs about me, which made me feel much better and refreshed.


I realized some effective techniques to deal with energy and vibe problems, which might help me and others out of the difficult situations. In fact, I applied one of them to my client’s father. She and her family lived in a different country, but he could feel far less frustrated.


Thanks to what happened last month, I could recognize my TrueSelf again and how to deal with energy and vibe problems that would bother a lot of people. I would tell a little about the techniques in some of the following articles.



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