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(88)Focusing On LLI About Japan (Why Not Do The Same About Your Country?) 日本の良さをもっと掘ります(ご自分の国でされてください)

Truly understanding what the country is really like is the first step to believing in each country and gaining confidence in ourselves. I am afraid that Japanese people, especially young people don’t know a lot about Japanese culture, though Japan has so much goodness in its culture, and people’s ways of living and thinking.


The Japanese government has been trying to help build up the self-confidence of young people, as the statistics show that Japanese people don’t have high self-esteem. I have engaged in how to boost it and found some effective ways to achieve it, one of which is to find LLI about ourselves and what is around us.


On this site, I myself will try to find LLI (light, love, and Infinity) more about Japan, Japanese people, and Japanese culture. I hope a lot of people from many countries will find LLI in their own countries and have deeper perspectives about their countries, and themselves. Next, you will find LLI about other countries, which will lead to a real international understanding.


Then we will be able to focus on what kind of future we should envision, with love, gratitude, and harmony.


I hope many of us will join hands with each other in a positive way. Now is the time to do that.



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