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(82)Reenergize My Life 再出発

I feel bad about not having posted articles every day in this school year. Having been lacking in my energy in April has been apparent, but I couldn’t identify the reasons.


Meeting my friends from Kyoto was a great opportunity for me to shift my direction. They are great figures who have done a lot in their lives. They met my mentors and got greatly inspired by their advice about what to do from now.


But at the same time, I got healed by my mentors’ advice for me and could recognize the reasons why I got some energy problems this month. The reasons for my troubles are the negative energy of the place where my school is situated. He remarked that a lot of people had lost their lives for reasons on that site in ancient times.


Such things cannot be seen, but really exist, though they might be denied by science. I learned a lot about the world of the unseen.


My mentors showed me how to reduce the effect of those negativities on me. My friends’ visit to my place greatly contributed to my life reset as well.



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