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(76)Another Wonderful Review③ 新たな素晴らしいレビュー③

She went on, saying, “What was happening at work then had started to alter for the better. Going to work used to be what I was so disinclined to do. However, I could contemplate what to do for students while going to work in the morning. My senior colleagues said to me, ’You have improved your work in many respects. And you boosted your self-confidence, didn’t you?’ And I began to feel that making mistakes could be a best-ever chance for me to learn something crucial”.


“After that, there were a lot of challenges: Oddly enough, a number of devices around me went out of order or broke down. Every so often I made mistakes and felt bewildered at work and in my daily life, all of which have helped me build up enriching relationships with those around me and my family members. I could listen to not only what others said but what they didn’t say, and get my ideas across to them. People around me used to look like enemies and make me unnerved, but I had an anomalous feeling of calmness and love when I was with them. (to be continued)



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