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(74)Another Wonderful Review① 新たな素晴らしいレビュー①

Today I received a marvelous review from one of my clients. I am going to write about the review in a couple of articles. She is now a middle-aged teacher at a Junior High School in Japan.


She began by saying, “I have spent gloomy life with a lot of adversities since childhood. I have now lived far away from my family and have been mentally detached as well. My harsh memories of my youth have made me mired in my job and in my private life. No matter what I did, I couldn’t shake them off. I was completely lost in a mental state and suffered from self-loathing at the beginning of this year. Then I came to know a coordinator of this organization and decided to change my mindset and alter my life by following his advice”.

《彼女は次のように始めています。「私は小さい頃からつらくて暗い人生を歩んできました。今は物理的にもまた精神的にも家族とは離れて暮らしています。若い頃のつらい思い出は、どんなに頑張っても私の心の中の深い部分にずっとあり、仕事もプライベートでも私を苦しめてきました。今年の最初の頃、私は心の闇のなかでもがき、自己嫌悪感で苦しんでいました。そこで出会ったのがこの組織の代表の方で、 私は代表のアドバイスに従って自らの考え方、そして人生を変えようと決めました」》

In addition, she said, “First I began writing down my negativity and frustration in three minutes and shredding it every day(Refer to Write It And Shred It). What I wrote down was full of harsh and curse words that had lacerated my heart. The coordinator remarked, ‘Please put down everything you have in mind, even fabulous memories’, which advice relieved me of any stress of that task. While engaging in the tasks, I was surprised to recognize that I had so many words and feelings I had never felt in my daily life”.


”After the tasks, I found myself exuberated and having a clearer and more colorful vision of things around me”.(to be continued)



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