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(72)This Is Always Where We Start. いつもここがスタート

The cherry blossoms are almost in full bloom in my district of Japan. Today is the last day of the school year 2021 in my country. I left my school, where I had been working as a tutor of newly employed teachers for two years.


I have been transferred to a lot of schools so far, so I have experienced a feeling which is a combination of loneliness and anticipation. I will be a member of the new school tomorrow. The new school will be where I belong and lots of students who need some support are waiting for me.


In Japan, April heralds the beginning of a new school year and I eagerly look forward to new educational pathways in my career. However, life is about changes. We are growing out of the ‘Former Me’ all the time. In that sense, every minute is where we start.


I have always said to my clients, “This is also where you start again”. Of course, tomorrow is the day when I launch a new journey. But today is as significant as tomorrow, and now I make yet another big step forward to complete my life missions to be fulfilled.



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