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(69)From ‘Loneliness’ To ‘Great Harmony’ 「孤独」から「大調和」へ

My new job to do is to help youth who need some kind of assistance, such as mental support or study support.


Now is the time when people in the world should ‘support’ and ‘cooperate with’ each other to survive these difficult times. The sense of ‘love&gratitude’ and ‘great harmony’ with the Earth, and the universe will help overcome ’loneliness’ that stems from being separated from each other


The consciousness is where everything starts. LLI meditation, which is for us to focus on Light, Love, and Infinity, helps us to become light, love, and infinity itself. I practice this meditation every morning and feel my mind focused on my TrueSelf, which is at the core of my existence. I feel settled and as large as the universe, and my loneliness and ambiguity of mind vanish.


This weekend my family members have gotten together and have been spending a jubilant time of ’togetherness’. We hope all the people on this planet will awaken themselves as precious members of the Earth and the universe, and live in harmony and peace. My family has decided to plant a cherry tree on our property to pray for the ‘great harmony’ of my family and the world.



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