• Change your mindset. Change your life. 楽に生きるために(英日 2か国語サイト)

(65)Hope For The Bright Future. Prepare For The Worst. 輝く将来に期待し、最悪に備える

The most important thing for us to do is to focus on our life missions to turn this world into a better place, as I showed in the previous posts. However, so many things have been happening around us, which are sometimes unexpected and intimidating, and out of our control, and coping with all of them might be impossible. All we can do is to prepare ourselves for the worst, no matter what, while doing all we can to live our TrueSelf.


I will show you part of what I am working on, which might be preparatory measures for something like power failures caused by natural disasters or some other reasons. Preparing for the substances which may enable us to live for a week without any supplies or support is what matters.

(1) Enough emergency food and water (rice, bread, cheese, kamaboko, heat-and-eat food, canned food, vegetables, snacks, nutrition bars, water, drinks, and so on)

(2) Lanterns, a solar battery, and kerosine (for heating, cooking, or light)

(3) Daily items (first-aid kit, tissue paper, toilet paper, disinfecting wet wipes)

(4) Money at hand

(5) Medicine, non-prescription drugs


(1) 十分な食料と水(米、パン、チーズ、かまぼこ、温めたら食べられるもの、缶詰、野菜、スナック、栄養バー、水、ドリンクなど)

(2) ランタン、ソーラーバッテリー、灯油(ヒーター、料理、明かり用)

(3) 日用品(救急箱、ティッシュ、トイレットペーパー、除菌シート)

(4)  手持ちの現金

(5)  常備薬、市販薬》

Our normal life can change into quite a different one at any time. We have become so dependent on modern technology. We now have to think of how to survive without so many convenient devices. That, in a sense, means standing firm on our own.



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