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(62)Great Encounters With Wonderful Students: 素晴らしい生徒との出会い

I met a myriad of students, whose potential I think was infinite. I made every effort to ’teach’, but so many items to get across, a large class size (40 students), and the lack of my ability hindered me from teaching the way their infinite potential was fully drawn out and intellectually satiated. There seemed to be high walls of limitations around me and I sometimes felt I was stuck in a rut. Those experiences led me to a major breakthrough in my mindset, turning my life around in my 50s.


Of course, every school had so many star-like students, teachers, and parents, but especially in the last school, I even felt I actually saw something twinkling in their existence. All I had to do was focus on their irradiating goodness and praised them all the time, which might be among the reasons why they made great accomplishments in different fields.


I launched an English study group where I could share my knowledge of English and techniques I learned from a Japanese simultaneous interpreter. They were so spirited and motivated to study English. We enjoyed a couple of hours studying English in my office, which was the principal’s office. The time spent with them was like a dream and flew faster than an arrow.


One of the students sent a message to me before the graduation ceremony: “We enjoyed your English lessons so much that a couple of hours passed before we knew it. I used to detest English, but your lessons made me recognize how satisfying studying English was. In addition, our self-confidence was boosted through a lot of experiences you provided us with, like lectures by a noted simultaneous interpreter or a Rakugo performer. We are truly proud of you. I cannot thank you enough…”.


I’d like to express sincere gratitude toward all the students, teachers, and parents I have encountered. I’d like to say a special thanks to the students of my last school for making those years the best teaching experience I have had so far, and to Mr. Kaz Yokoyama (a simultaneous interpreter) for being with us and supporting us with English.



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