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(61)Ways to Cope With Mistakes: ‘Write It And Highlight It’ and ‘Laugh At It And Share It’ ミスへの対処法「書いて傾向と対策」と「笑い話にする」

When I was young, I was worried about making a lot of mistakes. The number of mistakes has greatly declined, but even now I make some minor mistakes or leave something personal behind somewhere. The other day, my stamp name (‘Inkan’ in Japanese) was missing and I began looking for it. My colleague, from the school office, called me and asked me if it was mine. I hurried there, saying “I am sorry. It’s mine”. Today’s post is about how to reduce our number of mistakes and how to keep from feeling annoyed by them.


There is a way I recommend that you do to reduce the number of mistakes. This is to write down in your schedule book about what happened and color it with a pink highlighter. It shows you what happened and when, where, and how. In my case, the same kinds of mistakes tend to happen during a certain period of time. I can find the tendency of my mistakes and come up with an idea to prevent them from happening.


One of the best ways to prevent a mistake from making you feel depressed is to make it a laughing matter. At that school office, I said, “I even sometimes forget the name of my wife”. Of course, that was a joke. I don’t forget the name of my wife (hopefully). If my mental sanity is kept, I can make everything into something that can be laughed at. No one is free from mistakes. What happens to you might happen to anybody around you. If that mistake is something not so serious, you can laugh at it and share it with others, which might get rid of your embarrassment.



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