• Change your mindset. Change your life. 楽に生きるために(英日 2か国語サイト)

(59) ’True We’ Are The Receivers Of Inspirations. 「本当の私たち」はインスピレーションの受信機

We should acknowledge the fact that we are born to be creative and to get a lot of inspiration. The previous articles showed that opening our hearts to our parents, our ancestors, the Earth, and the universe leads to being supported by everything around us in every way possible. We have been designed to be connected to them because our ‘life’ is given to us through their ‘love’.


Our creativity is part of our nature. But we could say that we have not quite been educated in a way our creativity can be fostered. Learning a lot of items and logic by heart was most of what has been done at school. Poetry like Haiku, creative writing, art, music, and so on are what should be more stressed in the coming years.


In addition, our lives have been so hectic that we cannot take our time to think. Even when we have free time, most of it may be occupied with playing video games and using smartphones. We have gotten used to being entertained by something prepared. As I talked about on (22)How To Listen To The Inner Voice: Stay Still Without Thinking, we should also have time to relax in our life.


Furthermore, if our bodies and minds become different from what we originally are, or malfunction for some reason or another, we may not be able to be in full swing to do something creative. Modern technology has made our lives so convenient and effective, but we have to take care not to let it affect unfavorably how our bodies and minds work. We should try to keep our lives as natural as possible because, as I mentioned in the previous posts and above, our ‘life’ is given through the ‘love’ of our ancestors, the Earth, and the universe.



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