• Change your mindset. Change your life. 楽に生きるために(英日 2か国語サイト)

(52)Love Is Life. Life Is Light. ①「愛は命」「命は光」①

Before I turned around 60, I didn’t have any idea what ‘love’, ’gratitude’, and ‘truth’ meant. My experiences, dictionaries, literature, science hadn’t given me an exact image of what those concepts were. I always felt completely void of any sense of fulfillment and was lost in a maze without deep satisfaction and warmness in my heart.


The plunge into depression and a terrible life in my mid-40s sent me on a long journey for solutions to my mental problems. The journey included reading a lot of journals and trying so many ideas in the world, but no suggestions could work well enough to make it happen.


Then certain workshops I attended around 60 years old turned my life around, where I reflected on the relationship with my parents. First, I wondered why such tasks were necessary in order to solve the issues I faced then. But during the workshops, I found that part of my negativity came from the negative feelings toward my parents deep down in my mind. My mother and my father were great people, and I felt grateful to them. But I found that I had a lot of complaints toward them which were suppressed in the subconscious realm of mind.


I did ‘Write it and Shred it’ and ‘Write it and Shred it’. After that, I focused on what they had done to me by doing ‘Write it and Find it’ and ‘Write it and Find it’. Through these processes, I could feel Love and Gratitude in the true sense of the words for the first time in my life. Their love meant the world to me. My mother almost died when she gave birth to me. My father was one of the most hardworking and charitable men around here. They loved me so much. During the workshops, I could not only feel the love of my parents but also, strangely enough, see ‘the light of life’ of the coming grandchild. Then I recognized the truth that ‘Love’ brought forth ‘Life’ and ‘Life’ is the ‘Light’.


The understanding of the fact that ‘Love’ brought forth ‘Life’ led me to think that everyone in the world was the ‘Life’ brought forth by the ‘Love’ of their parents. The car was ‘Life’ manufactured by those who engaged in making it. That means that everything in this world is ‘Life’, which is ‘Light’ itself if what I saw in the workshop was true. Then I looked around and surprisingly found that everything looked colorful, bright, and they seemed to become ‘one’ bright in ‘light’. (to be continued)



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