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(49)TrueSelf and Mission In Life 「本当の自分」と「この世での役割」

This blog is about how to dispose of negativity and find your TrueSelf, which is full of Light, Love, and Infinity. If you recognize your TrueSelf, your life and surroundings will greatly change themselves, because you can alter your mindset for the better. The ‘Previous You’ will be gone and you will be reborn to be the ‘New You’.

You can recover from your diseases and disorders. You will feel more jubilant in your life. You can make good friends and find a wonderful spouse. You can enjoy good family life. You will succeed with what you do for a living and be better off.

But our journey doesn’t stop there. There is ‘more to do’, which is more important than spotting your TrueSelf. I spent most of my life figuring out what my TrueSelf was, and when my TrueSelf revealed itself at around 60, I could clearly make out what my life was truly for:

(1) To live my TrueSelf and help others find out their TrueSelf.

(2) To help people in the world live in love and gratitude.

(3) To pursue the truth and help the world survive these difficult times.

I was so relieved and satisfied with my discovery that I felt my mission was worth my whole life.




(1) 自分が本当の自分を生きること。人が本当の自分を見つけるのを助けること。

(2) 世界の人が「愛と感謝」で生きることを助けること。

(3) 真実を希求し、世界が困難な時代を生き抜くことを助けること。


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