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(46)About The Structure Of Our Minds 心の構造について

A lot of previous posts were about what ‘TrueSelf’, which is ‘what I truly am’, is all about. These articles have described that it is deeply related to LLI(Light, Love, and Infinity), but some of you may still wonder what that really is and where that is.

Actually, almost all my time and energy in my life has been spent finding who I really am, and before I turned 60, it revealed itself to me from deep down in my heart.

This article illustrates what we think is the structure of our minds, which will make it easy for you to comprehend the idea of TrueSelf. The illustration below is from the page Workship Ⅰ.


1-② Understanding the structure of our minds 心の仕組みを理解する

Today’s topic is one of the most important topics in considering ‘how to deal with stress.’

This is about ‘the structure of our minds, and how our minds work’.

There are many theories and ways of thinking about ‘the structure of our minds.’

I will show you my idea about the structure of our minds: There are four layers in our minds. (from the outside to the core.)

1  Intelligence  

2  Memories and Emotions

3  the Subconscious Mind

4  TrueSelf, Love and Gratitude, Energy, the Perfect Immune System

①   Intelligence

   We gain knowledge and skills, with which we judge something as good or bad, decide what to do, or what not to do.

② Memories and Emotions

Our life is full of memories, whether they are good or not. We have many emotions, such as joy, gratitude, anger, grief, envy, and satisfaction.

③  the Subconscious Mind

 What we have experienced or learned stays deep down in our minds. What our parents told us to do or not to do, or what our classmates told us about remain in our minds. They rarely come out but may affect our feelings, motivation, and mindset without us knowing it.

④ TrueSelf, Love and gratitude, Energy, the Perfect Immune System

   At the core of our minds is what we truly are, which we have had from birth. That part is the source of love, gratitude, and energy. Many people have been struggling to find out what that is, but not many have succeeded in it. If they can get access to it, they can recognize what their life is really meant for, feeling true joy and gratitude, being full of energy, which can lead to their living a life of purpose to the full. 

○  I’d like to add one thing now. It is about “the mind scale”.

   The founder of KYOCERA corporation., Kazuo Inamori, said that there was a mind scale, which ranged from +100 to -100. If one is altruistic and always thinks of the happiness of others, the scale is +100, leading to his/her great success in life and business, and vice versa. Each person’s happiness and business performances correspond to his/her state of mind. His equation is as follows:

The outcome of life and business = the mind scale① × enthusiasm② × capability③

(My translation)

  ①+100~-100  ②③+100~0                 

  So it is important to focus on our true self (layer 4) by means of ‘Write it and Find it‘, by getting memories and emotions (layer1,2,3) out of our system by practicing ‘Write it and Shred it‘. That will raise our mind scale, leading us to great joy and accomplishments in our lives.

Mr. Inamori emphasized the importance of recognizing ’TrueSelf,’ which he said was full of ‘truth, goodness, and beauty.’ His three elements are very similar to our LLI. We suppose that ‘truth’ corresponds to ‘Infinity’, ‘goodness’ corresponds to ‘love’, ‘beauty’ corresponds to ‘light’.


1 知性


2 記憶と感情


3 潜在意識

  生まれてから経験したこと・学んだことで心の奥底にあるもの。親や友人からかけられてきた言葉な      ど。普段は表に出てこないが、知らず知らずのうちに我々の判断、モチベーションや考え方に影響を及ぼす。

4 本当の自分、愛と感謝、エネルギー、完全な免疫

  生まれてきたときから存在の中心にあるもの。愛と感謝とエネルギーの源。人々がこれまで希求し  てきたもの。これが分かれば、人生の意味を知り、本当の喜びを感謝を感じることができる。エネルギーに溢れ、存分に意味のある人生を生ききることができる。



稲盛和夫氏(京セラ創業者)による方程式 「人生・仕事の結果=考え方×熱意×能力」によると

「考え方(利他の心かどうか)」は マイナス100からプラス100 まで。

「熱意」「能力」は ゼロからプラス100まで。






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