• Change your mindset. Change your life. 楽に生きるために(英日 2か国語サイト)

(41)Challenges Are Treasures 課題は宝

I have talked with lots of people around the world on some platforms, such as online English conversation schools. I have listened to many people’s stresses and troubles. I have given them some suggestions that would improve their mental issues or have conducted workshops with them.

Through these counselings and workshops, their original energy is restored. Sometimes they become even more energetic than before and find their life missions or the true purpose of their lives.

As I mentioned before, I suppose that everything happens for a reason. Years of mental disorders, annoying human relationships, unstable physical conditions, and being stuck at work … every one of these was so tough. However, I have fortunately survived these difficulties. All of them seasoned me, tempered me, and awakened me: They guided me to who I really was.

When I was in times of extreme trouble and danger, I would ask myself seriously what my life was all about and who I really was. I desperately wanted to discard my negative feelings and memories. I wrote them down just as they were and shredded all of them. In this way, I could gradually dispose of negativity.

Next, I began to write about what was great about myself and finally could recognize who I really was.

Seemingly devastating experiences proved to be blessings in disguise and helped me realize my life mission.

‘Great adversity will guide us to a new world!’








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