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(38)Moderate Eating More Sleep ④(The Simplest And Very Effective Meditation) 最も簡単で体が休まる瞑想

As I mentioned before, one of my mentors said to me, “If you want to stay fit, you should eat moderately and sleep more.”I have posted two articles about eating, which were about eating moderately, and about taking minerals.

No one can deny that sleep is crucial for our health. The first post concerning sleep was about tips to improve our sleep. This is the second post, which is about meditation.

Many kinds of research on sleep have been conducted. But still many people have difficulties getting a good night’s sleep. I have had mental issues in my 40s and 50s, but by good fortune, I have not experienced a lack of sleep. I think that is partly because I have practiced meditation of so many sorts since my younger days, some of which were: Zazen (Zen meditation), Yoga, TM (Transcendental Meditation), Naikan (Introspective Meditation), …

I will talk about what is so simple but has proven highly effective for me in taking a good rest. That is the simplest Yoga pose: Savasana (Corpse Pose). Now all I need to do is Savasana and LLI Meditation(Light, Love, and Infinity Meditation: Refer to the page ‘Workshop Ⅰ’).

Savasana is often practiced at the beginning and the end of Yoga classes to calm down.

The procedure is simple: Laying yourself on the floor on the back, arms alongside the body, palms upward, feet pointing outward, breathing slowly, and doing nothing. It frees the body from the extra stress and reverts the body to a state of relaxation and peace, so the mind can go to sleep.

Whenever I feel drained and lost, I practice it until I feel fully recovered. I sometimes do it for more than 30 min. Though Savasana is the simplest practice, it has worked so much that I have done it for over 40 years, which is why I recommend it to others.

*The advantages of Savasana for me are:

1 I make the blood circulate all through my body (from the tips of my fingers and toes).

2 I remove strains, disorders, and negativity.

3 I make my body balanced and filled with power.

4 I awaken my TrueSelf, which is my infinite potential, within.

5 I feel connected with the universe because I have rid myself of negative influences.

Practicing it long enough will make a difference in our mental and physical condition.







1 体全体に血液が行きわたる。(手の先、足の先まで)

2 あらゆるコリ、不調、ネガティブな思いを取り除くことができる。

3 体のバランスが取れ、力が溢れてくる。

4 本当の自分(無限の可能性)を目覚めさせることができる。

5 周りからのネガティブな影響がないため、宇宙とつながることができる。



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