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(34)Moderate Eating More Sleep①(Eating) 適量の食とより多くの睡眠を①(減食編)

One of my mentors said to me one day, “If you want to stay fit, you should eat moderately and sleep more.”

It was quite the opposite of what I had done before in my life. I had tried to eat substantial meals three times(or more often) a day and had engaged in reading or studying till late at night. I was a big eater and a night owl.

I heard that the habit of eating three times a day started about a century ago. Now, a lot of information from the media or daily life is stimulating our appetite. Of course, eating keeps us in good shape, gives us satisfaction, and enriches our life. Nevertheless, eating more than necessary would do harm to our bodies, which might cause physical sickness, even mental disorders.

I will talk about a noted physiognomist in Japan. He was born in 1757 and lived to be 78 years old. His name was Nanboku Mizuno. He himself experienced changes in his looks and his future for the better, by reducing the amount of what he ate. He was an expert in telling what would happen to a person in the future and so many people from very far away visited him for advice. What he asked first of a client was how much the client ate. He said, “Everything concerning one person, such as whether one will stay fit or not, whether one will be successful or not, or whether one will lead a happy life or not, depends on one thing, which is whether one will refrain from eating a lot or not.” That means “What one eats predicts one’s future.”

The mentor I mentioned at the beginning of this article likes practicing ‘fasting.’ She said, “Feeling a little bit hungry is a very good physical state.” Since I myself began to practice ‘Moderate Eating,’ I became healthier and more energetic.






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