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(33)The Book That Served As A Guide人生を変えた本

Today’s article is about a book that brought about a breakthrough in my life.

Until I was in my mid-50s, I had been dying for a textbook that was very practical in the true sense of the word. I hadn’t found any book which satisfied my thirst. However, one day in my late 50s, I happened to open a book at a book store in my hometown and was electrified. “That’s it,” I thought. The title of the book was 『”スピーキング”のための音読総演習(Reading Aloud Practice For Speaking)』(Kirihara Publishing Company)

“Just cry when you want to. Just cry when you need to. That is the quickest way to smile again.”

This is the content of one of the units of the book. It is very short, but it can convey a feeling of compassion to troubled people. It is not just a textbook but a very practical message book. The book is also suited to teach English pronunciation. I used this textbook in teaching my students, which brought forth incredible fruit. A lot of students made remarkable progress with their English.

The writer of the book is Kaz Yokoyama, who is a simultaneous interpreter in Japan. He has served as an interpreter for many conferences and has written a lot of good textbooks and workbooks. I was fortunate to meet him in person and invite him to my school twice, which motivated students very much. It also became the driving force to make improvements in my English.

Without the encounter with that book, I would not have signed up for a certain English conversation platform and would not have launched this website. (The reason why I launched this website is that I couldn’t explain what I was working on in a short time.)








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