• Change your mindset. Change your life. 楽に生きるために(英日 2か国語サイト)

(32)You Have Only To Open Your Treasure Box あなたはすでに持っている

What I learned on my long mental journey was as follows:

1 I already have the right answers in my mind. All I have to do is open my treasure box.

2 Engaging my brain too much doesn’t work. Let my TrueSelf work as it does. I can make it happen by being absorbed in writing about as good points as possible.

3 Love and gratitude toward the ancestors and the universe are what counts most.

4 What we focus on predicts our future. Things of a vibration attract each other. Things include what happens around us. (The Law Of Attraction)


I realized that one of the reasons why I had suffered from a mental disorder was ‘Using my brain too much.’

I became a different person. The former ‘Me’ died. I was ‘Reborn.’

Those experiences have made me what I am.

Everything happened for a reason.



1 私の中にすでに答えがある。宝箱を開けさえすればよい。

2 「頭」を使い過ぎることで誤作動が起きる。本当の自分が流れ出すに任せること。「よさ」を掘り続けることでそれは達成できる。

3 先祖や宇宙への愛と感謝が最も大切である。

4 私たちが焦点を当てたものが将来を決める。同じバイブレーションのものは引きつけあう。それはあらゆるものに当てはまる。(引き寄せの法則)






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