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(27)Letting Go Of Negativity(my experience)② もやもやを解消する(体験)②

My journey of disposing of negativity was a stony and thorny path, which was as if I were waddling in the dark tunnel with no light ahead. My mind was bruised and wounded all over.

During those periods of suffering, however, I had the fortuity to meet so many wonderful people who tenderly guided me through those rough roads, especially during my 20’s and 30’s.

The president of the plumbing company with an austere and ascetic lifestyle gave me a lot of audiotapes of the inspirational lectures on how to live. The owner of the liquor shop engaging in the study of vibrations of anything in the world infused into me the importance of keeping high vibrations. The Buddhist monk who founded the Buddhist temple in America showed me the significance of harmony. The Buddhist poet who made poems with profound meanings led me to establish a stone monument, ‘Nen! Blooming flowers.’

Another important figure was the founder of KYOCERA corporation Kazuo Inamori. He always gave me inspiration and awareness concerning TrueSelf.

What I learned from those people was as follows:

  1. Every person has TrueSelf at the core of his/her being.

2. We are what we think. We are what we eat.

3. The farther we go from nature, the less healthy we get.

With their help, my heart seemed to be gradually made more open and brighter at the age of 45, when my life plunged into an even more fathomless abyss.

I didn’t know why at that time, but now I can figure out its reason. I can say that ten years of depression was the final and the toughest test I had to get through to reach my real mission.






1 すべての人の存在の中心に「本当の自分」がある。

2 考えが私たち自身となり、食べ物が私たち自身となる。





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