• Change your mindset. Change your life. 楽に生きるために(英日 2か国語サイト)

(23)Our Vibrations Create Our Future. バイブレーションが未来を創る

Today I did what I had suggested in yesterday’s post and took some time just for myself to reflect upon what I had been working on and draw my future blueprint.

Today it was so cold and a little snowy, which was quite unusual in this part of Japan. One of the festivals in my prefecture is said to bring warm spring days with it and that festival starts next week. As we can expect much of those days, now might be one of the best times when we think of our future plans.

I looked calmly and objectively at what was going on around us and pondered what should be done in the future. I focused on love, closed my eyes, and envisioned my future, listening to cozy music. I casually took notes about what to do next. The content is as follows:

1 Social Activities (1) upgrade this website (2) help people with mental problems (3) Teach English pronunciation

2 Physical Exercise (1)squat (2)push up (3)practice Aikido

3 Upgrade my own room (1) prepare music devices (2) change wallpaper (3) place flowers    etc.

While working on it, I noticed that what I focused on affected what kind of future we envisioned. ‘My vibrations create my environment and reality,’ was one of today’s inspirations. That is the law of attraction. When we send ‘ripples’ of light, love, and infinity into the energy field around us, they might spread around the world and turn the world into a better place after all.

Last month I suggested that we do LLI Meditation(Light, Love, and Infinity Meditation) at 9:00 and at 21:00(JST). I do hope that our vibrations of light, love, and infinity will make a difference in the coming world. (Please refer to Jan. 20th post.)

Why don’t you join us?




1 社会活動 (1)ウェブサイトの改善 (2)精神的に苦しんでいる人へのサポート (3)英語の発音指導

2 体力向上 (1)スクワット (2)腕立て (3)合気道

3 部屋の改善(1)音楽 (2)壁紙 (3)花              など






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