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(18)The Super Power of Colors 色のスーパーパワー

The other day I purchased three pots of flowers. They were yellow, pink, and violet.

I wanted flowers with colors that corresponded to the three colors of LLI(Light, Love, and Infinity) meditation. Being unable to find sky blue flowers, I chose violet flowers instead. (Refer to an article about LLI meditation [Jan.20th, in2022])

Placing those flower pots in my room has given it quite a different impression. The atmosphere has now changed into a livelier one.

Last weekend, I talked to one of my clients and referred to the power of colors.

I asked her what colors of clothes she wore. She said, “I used to wear clothes of bright colors, like yellow and pink, but now I wear conservative colors due to what others said about my clothes.” She has now a lot of issues to deal with in her daily life and cannot find anything exciting. I suggested that she should wear bright-colored clothes, like yellow, pink, or sky blue.

Just the thought of wearing such clothes seemed to give her a different perspective toward life.







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