• Change your mindset. Change your life. 楽に生きるために(英日 2か国語サイト)

(16)To Know That You are Light, Love, and Infinity Itself あなたが光、愛、無限そのものだと知るために

This post is meant for those who feel so worried about what is happening around them.

This is the first step of the second stage of our project to having access to ‘our TrueSelf’ at the core of our mind and our being. (Our TrueSelf is light, love, and infinity itself!)

To focus on what we really are is what we should do after clearing our minds of everything. If we could recognize what we really are, we would not be influenced too much by what others say, or what others do to us. But actually, in our daily lives, we tend to be worried too much about such things, and then we will not be living our real life. Eventually, many of us lose sight of what we really want to do, feel depressed, and sometimes need some medical treatment.

I suffered from years of depression and got over it without going to a doctor. I read thousands of books and tried everything possible but taking medication. It helped me a lot, but it didn’t solve all the problems. When I found out my TrueSelf, I noticed I had looked outside for a solution to the problems and that what I had worked on did not quite work. I could find my TrueSelf by focusing on my TrueSelf all the time.

To have access to our TrueSelf, we use Goodness Mining, which is to focus on and write down what is good about us, such as our characters, what we like, what makes us happy, what we are grateful for, …, and so on. The more information we put down, the better.

There are four points to be noted:
1 Write down what is good about yourself without stopping, without thinking too much, and without using your brain too much.
2 Write specifically. Write in detail.
3 Refer to what you have made before, or what was made by somebody else.
4 Work on it with joy.

At first, we may not be able to write down more than 30 good points, because we are not good at focusing on our strengths.

Trying to write them down means focusing on the good points about us. If we can write them down without any difficulties, it is very likely that we feel happy about ourselves, can be satisfied with what we are, and live our own life without being so much affected by what happens around us. I think it means that we have succeeded in having access to our TrueSelf. We have broken the barriers which kept us from seeing our TrueSelf.

When we keep working on it, we will change your mindset for the better, and we will find everything around us full of love. Then we truly find that we are light, love, and infinity itself.






1 思いついたことを止まらないで書き続ける。頭を使い過ぎない。

2 具体的に書く。詳しく書く。

3 以前書いたものや他の人の項目を見ながら書いてもよい。

4 楽しく取り組む。






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