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(12)Animals Are Love Itself. 動物は愛そのもの

I have one dog, one rabbit, and five chickens on my property.

Today I am going to talk a little bit about my two dogs(the dog I have now and the dog who passed away).

The dog I have now is a very cute male dog called Sasuke. I adopted him from the animal center and is a mix of many breeds. He is now only two years old but has grown so big that I have to keep him outside. He is patient and kind and is also doing a very good job as a guard dog.

The dog I kept before was a male dog, named Hinata, who was a beagle and was a big member of my family. We kept him at home and he often ran around my living room, leaving many scratches on the floor. He was super cute and gave us constant support, entertaining all of us by just being with us. He made my family what it is and meant the world to us. Although he died young, at the age of 10, we owe him much gratitude, and he will never be forgotten. He was indeed a messenger from heaven. I feel he still stays with us and supports us. The scratches on the floor remind us of what he meant to us and of the love he gave us all.

We learn from animals what it is to love and to be loved.











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