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(9)Negativity Was Disposed of by ‘Write It and Shred It’  書いて処分し否定的想念を解消

A couple of days ago minor unfavorable things happened to me. The negativity caused by what had happened stayed in my mind till around noon today and drained me, preventing me from doing what had to be done and what I wanted to do.

So I decided to try to write and shed it in order to dispose of those thoughts. I prepared a sheet of paper and a pen. I began to write everything that was in my mind, such as anxiety, fear, disappointment, even hope, in words. I did it for about 5 min.

After that activity, I put the paper into the shredder, which led me into a quite different mental world. I felt refreshed and became light-hearted as if every piece of baggage had been unloaded out of my mind. And I could figure out, with ease, what should be done to improve this situation.

If people get fixated on things in their lives, they will feel stuck in a rut, unable to move forward.

What matters is that you should get rid of all the thoughts that are lingering on your mind.







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