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(8)Sending Love to Others and Letting It Go(Revised) 人に愛を送って手放す(改訂済版)

A lot of people recognize that giving love to others is the key to fostering warm relationships and satisfying their own life. Expecting nothing after doing something for others is very hard to do. However, if you want to live a meaningful and peaceful life, being full of that ‘Unconditional Love’ is what matters.


I have spoken to many students and many people who had various issues to be solved and did what I could do to help them. They were struggling to find their way out of difficult situations and my talks and workshops might help them with the problems. But things sometimes didn’t go as expected, and I felt worried and troubled with what was going on. My mentor said to me, ‘You feel too attached to what things look like. Send love to them and let it go’. That advice relieved me of my stress.


People are sometimes misunderstood though they did all they could and might feel frustrated or disappointed. They might even have some hostile feelings. In those cases, ‘sending love and letting it go’ is a powerful technique in order to remain calm. Then they can be freed from negativity.


In my case, to ‘send love and let it go’, I spare five or ten minutes and relax my mind. I imagine there is an energy ball of love just in front of me. Then I send the love energy ball to a group of people and offer up a prayer saying, “I will send the energy of love to all, May all be full of love and live in peace and exuberance. Thank you”.


   Unconditional Love


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