• Change your mindset. Change your life. 楽に生きるために(英日 2か国語サイト)

(4)1-③Start with Recording and End with Recording 記録で始まり、記録で終わる 

The first step to cleaning up our minds is “Keeping records of what happens to us and how we feel.”

Our life is an adventure full of ups and downs. Various thoughts and feelings constantly come into and go out of our minds, not only while we are awake but also while asleep. They may sometimes come from deep inside our minds and we can’t get all of them under control. They might affect negatively how we feel in our daily lives, often causing us to suffer from mental problems.

The reason why we can’t get control of our thoughts and feelings is that we can’t exactly recognize what we think and how we feel. If we can put them into words, it will surely help us realize what the problems really are and find out solutions to them, leading us to clean our minds.

As for me, I went through many issues to deal with and problems to solve, and writing them down has helped me not to get overwhelmed by negative thoughts and feelings. One of my mentors said to me, “It is important to start with recording and end with recording.” Recording(=Writing down) was what he always emphasized.

I have used notebooks of a famous brand (squared) for years. What I am using now is my 25th one. This notebook always helps keep a diary, records what is happening to me or around the world, and writes down the inspirations I received. It has been good company when I was by myself.

Some of the tips I can share with you to keep writing and recording are as follows:

1 Find out the most favorite notebook to write on (It can be a good investment.)

2 Use a favorite pen to write with

3 Design what and where to write so that what is written will be beautifully arranged. …..

Why don’t you embark on an exciting journey by recording what you think and how you feel?







1 お気に入りのノートを見つける(自分への投資)

2 筆記用具にこだわる

3 記録する内容と場所を工夫し、配置等を美しくデザインする


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